Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nominations Invited for ISS-SCS

Dear Friends,
I hope you all know about the ISS-SCS Student chapter.
(If you dont know please view that at our official website: )

Nominations are now open for the following position in ISS-SCS Student Chapter
a. President
b. Three vice-presidents
c. Honorary Secretary
d. Honorary Treasurer
e. Four council members (portfolios - orientation, student welfare and services, industry liaison, publicity and publications etc).

If you are interested in any of these position please send in your nominations to

Please send your nominations before 16-08-09, Sunday Midnight.
J.Chandra Singh

Saturday, August 8, 2009

ISS-SCS Student Chapter

Dear Friends,
Please go through the forwarded message sent by the M.Tech students regarding ISS-SCS (Singapore Computer Society) Students Chapter.

Chandra Singh

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Hi Chandra,

Being the class the representative of DipSA 30 I would like you to forward this mail to all your fellow-mates who seek clarifications on ISS-SCS student chapter.

As there are lot of Hue and cry about the student chapter and since many of them didn’t understand what we are trying to communicate. I take this chance to address all the queries regarding the ISS-SCS student chapter.


What is ISS-SCS student chapter?
Ans: An official acceptance from ISS to become the member of SCS community.

When is the ISS-SCS student chapter going to launch?
Ans: On September 25th 2009.

Do I need to fill in any form or any other formalities to become the SCS member?
Ans: No. By default after the launch of ISS-SCS student chapter all the full-time students of DipSA, MTech KE and SE become the SCS members.

Do I need to pay to become the member of SCS?
Ans: You don’t have to pay any money, as a full-time student you can enjoy all the privileges of SCS member.

What is going to happen on the day of ISS-SCS launch?
Ans: The president and other senior members of SCS will be present and mutual acceptance and sign-off between ISS-SCS will take place.

Do we have any student activities planned on the same day?
Ans: Yes. We are asked to conduct minimum of two-events on the day of launch. This is to expose our student talents in front of SCS senior members.

I have some ideas for the student activities, which is the best place to post my ideas?
Ans: Please login to IVLE, you can find SCS Chapter, under the forum please share us your valuable ideas.

What does SCS expect out of ISS students?
Ans: The SCS defines nearly 10 roles starting from president, secretary, treasury etc and each role has its responsibilities to full fill. We are also expected to conduct elections to fill in these roles.

I want to clearly know about the roles and responsibilities?
Ans: We are still in talks with SCS about the roles and responsibilities. Once we get the detailed information, we will be posting it in the IVLE and will send a separate mail to everyone.

Is there any restrictions or qualification for the nominations?
Ans: There is no restriction or qualifications any full-time students can nominate for the above positions.

11. I need further more information, whom should I contact?
Ans: , , , ,

Thanks & Regards,